Trust Us When Mother Nature Strikes

Schedule storm damage repairs in Rolla and St. Robert, MO

When your home is hit by a strong storm, parts of it may be destroyed. After the storm passes and you’re left assessing the damage, you need to contact Allen Construction Services for storm damage repair service in Rolla or St. Robert, MO. We can examine your property and let you know what needs to be repaired. We’ll be a part of the process from beginning to end, including filing your claims and walking through your home with your insurance adjuster.

When you choose Allen Construction Services, your storm damage repairs in St. Robert and Rolla, MO are guaranteed for one year. Call 573-855-9990 now to get started on your job.

How to prepare your property for storm season

How to prepare your property for storm season

You never know when Mother Nature will send severe weather your way. While you can’t always predict the worst, you can take these steps to protect your property:

  • Trim your trees to remove dead or diseased limbs that could fall onto your home
  • Secure outdoor furniture and other objects at risk of flying around during a storm
  • Board up your doors and windows to prevent broken window panes and door frames

If you’ve prepared your home for a storm and it still need repairs, call Allen Construction Services. Contact us today to schedule your storm damage repair in St. Robert or Rolla, MO.